Welding: Current Classes

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Our instructors:
Heather Doyle has studied welding and metalsmithing from an artist's perspective for more than a decade. She continues to explore the mediums of heat and metal through her business, INDUSTRYelle, designing metal sculpture and creating custom fabrication on a commission basis. Heather taught Sculptural Welding and Blacksmithing at Minneapolis Community and Technical College for seven years and served on the Minneapolis Arts Commission for four years. She is one of the founding board members of CAFAC and now serves as its Artistic Director.

Roger Karlson has an MS in Design from the University of Minnesota. He has been teaching for the last 15 years, assisting students in the creative design process to resolve clients' needs. Roger's exploration of sculptural welding began several years ago, and as an instructor, he finds inspiration in observing the unique way others create objects and resolve problems as they acquire new skills. Roger is completing his Ph.D. in Design at the U of M.

Oxy-Acetylene Found Object Sculpture
This beginning class will focus on applying oxy-acetylene welding techniques to the fabrication of a sculptural project. Oxy-fuel cutting, welding and brazing processes will be covered. Learn the limitations and benefits of these processes through the design and fabrication of your own work of art. Discover scrap metal! Methods for identifying metals, surface preparation for scrap welding, along with aesthetic and protective surface treatments for finishing pieces will be covered. Additionally, we will touch on the history of art welding so that students develop an understanding of the art form’s past as well as the tools to inspire its future.

Fee: $370 ($300 tuition + $70 materials)

Advanced Fabrication Techniques: MIG and Plasma
If you've completed an oxy-acetylene sculpture class with us and are looking to refine your fabrication skills, this advanced class gives you the opportunity to build a functional piece using new techniques and tools. You'll be introduced to MIG welding and hand plasma cutting to complete your piece and you'll learn fixture fabrication to ensure your finished project is plumb, level, and square. With these new equipment options and techniques you can easily replicate quality projects with speed and efficiency.

Fee: $320 ($240 tuition + $80 materials)